Flower Essences and Emotional Well-Being

Flower Essence in a dropper bottle that can help emotional well-being.
Earlier this year, I attended the International College of applied kinesiology's annual meeting. Many nutritional supplement companies attend and set up a table with a goal of reaching out to practitioners. One table really struck a chord with me and got my attention. This company was the FlorAlive flower essence table. They are a flower essence company that uses live flower essences to make their essences.

Most companies use cut flowers, and I was very intrigued by their flower essence methodology. When I get a strong intuitive hunch about something, it is VERY clear. I get a surge of energy through me, goose bumps, my body feels lighter, and I get sensations in my chest/heart. This is what I felt about this flower essence company. I'm sure many of you can relate, when you know something is true or right for you. Sometimes you just know, and you can't explain it.

About 10 years ago, I was going through a break up and a healer friend of mine recommended that I try flower essences for emotional support. I had used the Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy many years before, but that was my experience up to that point with flower essences. I was given a remedy with four specific flower essences.  The results were pretty remarkable and instantaneous. The flower essences seemed to lift sadness and give me a greater and clearer understanding of the situation.

Dr. Bach was a London based physician who, in 1930, set out to work with flowers for healing emotional imbalances. He prepared flower essences by taking cut flowers and putting them in water to sit in sunlight for hours. Dr. Bach created 38 flower essences each intended to have a particular balancing effect on negative emotional states. These essences have been used for over 80 years, and are probably the most well known throughout the world.

It's a simple premise with amazing benefits. Many of us, especially us city-dwellers, experience the feeling that we need to get out of the city into nature to balance. I know that I require time in nature to balance and recharge. If I'm in a crappy mood, going to the beach and staring at the ocean or looking at a mountain view will certainly take those negative feelings and banish them. 

Nature can change our emotional state and balance our energy. There was a study conducted recently with many identical post-surgical patients in two different types of hospital rooms. One type of hospital room's window faced a brick wall, and the other type looked out on a tree. Every patient with their hospital room window's view of the tree healed thirty percent faster, and reported a better emotional outlook than the patients whose windows were facing the brick wall. 

Recently, I started taking a flower essence blend from FlorAlive and noticed many positive benefits. In fact, I muscle tested Bill, Kari, and Gillian (my wonderful office staff) for flower essence combinations, and they also have reported that they have felt positive benefits from taking the different flower essences. My hunch was right; I knew from my experience at the ICAK seminar that there was a reason I was drawn to the FlorAlive table.

Combining muscle testing and applied kinesiology to determine what flower essence combination that a person requires is an extremely accurate method to figure out the best essence combination for a patient.  Many patients report that the combinations have helped them with negative thought patterns, feelings of overwhelm, grief, hopelessness, anxiety, stress, lack of enthusiasm, reactivity, lack of faith, self-confidence, acceptance, fear, anger, personal power, feeling alone, and emotional instability.

99 percent of our actions and reactions are a result of the subconscious mind. We are not aware of most of our limiting beliefs. In fact, when I test a patient, I have had them recite certain limiting belief statements, and they will go weak when the limiting belief is recognized by their subconscious mind. After administering the flower essence (spraying three sprays under their tongue), when they repeat the same limiting belief statement, their muscle will strengthen. This is fascinating to me, that it can have such an effect on the body and be so instantaneous.

Certain techniques like neuro-linguistic programming and neuro-emotional technique work with the subconscious mind. Flower essences also have the ability to work with the subconscious mind. They help to remove subconscious blockages, sabotaging memories, stress, and self-sabotaging beliefs that get in the way of our fullest and greatest potential. 

It's an exciting time, in that the awareness of the emotional impact on our physical health is rapidly expanding. Flower essences are another tool in helping the emotional body and indirectly the physical body.

Dr. Louis Granirer
NYC Chiropractor

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