What Are Standard Process Supplements?

The use of natural medicine coming from plants dates back thousands of  years, and from then it has been widely accepted and respected. Today, supplements are well sought after and are available in pharmacies, stores, online , and through doctor's offices. They can be in any form, whether it be pills, tablets, liquid, and capsules. In this country alone, over 17 billion dollars are spent every year on supplements.

There are two kinds of supplements, synthetic and natural supplements. There are strong differences between the two.  Which is better? Which is effective? Though, they are FDA approved before they are out in the market, there are some implications and precautions that need to be reviewed.

The Difference Between Natural Standard Process Supplements Vs Synthetic Supplements

Standard Process supplements are natural and made from concentrated foods of fruits,  vegetables and animal product. They are complex structures with active ingredients, such as enzymes, antioxidants, coenzymes, protomorphogens and activators. The nutrients in the food are mixed together in a special way that works best for their formulation.

Synthetic supplements, on the other hand, are isolated portions of the whole. Many studies have shown that the body treats them as foreign objects.  But yes, if you ask if they work, they do; only for a while though. Once your body has stored enough of these supplements, the extras will be trashed out.

Supplements do not replace proper diet and exercise, they enhance the body's functioning.

Why Are Standard Process Supplements Better?

Standard Process supplements do not intend to treat or prevent any diseases, but they can help you restore your body's balance. They function as metabolic regulators which stimulate physiological performance important to everyday body functions, exercise, and sports. This being said, many people who need endurance, particularly athletes, those working in stressful environments and graveyard shifts, and those who need something on the go, turn to Standard Process supplements to boost their body's performance.

Standard process's catalyn (which is their multi vitamin) contain a complete vitamin B complex that regulates fats and carbohydrates for energy, potassium for optimal heart functioning and revitalized tissue, calcium for bone density, riboflavin for energy production, and iron for providing stamina and oxygen to the body, and much more.

Likewise, Standard Process supplements can enhance your diet. It is highly recommended to all who have difficulty getting an adequate amount of nutrition. They are very safe, so there is no worry, even certain supplements for lactating mothers, pregnant women, strict vegetarians, those with food allergies and intolerance, and our senior citizens.

And for those who need meal replacements, Standard Process supplements are the best choice. It can be given to people who are hospitalized, ill, and are doing weight management.

These supplements are a good source of antioxidants like Vitamin E, A, and C, carotenoids, and selenium that can prevent cell and tissue damage, which causes cancer and aging.  They oxygenate every organ in the body for optimum health, and enhance performance. Standard Process supplements may also help deter the occurrence of arthritis, osteoporosis, iron deficiency, kidney problems, toxicity, birth defects, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, parasitism, fungal issues, heavy metal toxicity and other diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There have been many studies on the risks of natural supplements like Standard Process. Many have been skeptical as to whether or not they really come from all natural food-based ingredients. Some even question their effectiveness

Though natural supplements do not get the same scrutiny that is required on prescription drugs, they are made sure that they do not get out in the public without being tested to be safe. Likewise, there are some manufacturing companies that may include steroids and chemicals. So, it is important that you only choose those trusted companies that have been proven to be effective and chemical free such as Standard Process. You may ask help from the  Food and Drug Administration for check lists of certified companies that passed their standards.

And for their effectiveness, there have been numerous cases and patients who see a wide variety of practitioners that have not been accounted in public, but have claimed proof of standard process effectiveness in helping people get over their many ailments. There have been many instances where people have had amazing changes in their conditions and complete eradication of their symptoms.

Precautions For Supplements

Supplements when taken in extremely high doses can cause serious problems. They can be toxic if you get high amounts of vitamins and minerals. High levels of Vitamin B6 can cause nerve damage; excessive calcium can inhibit iron absorption; a lot of vitamin C can cause diarrhea; excessive doses of Vitamin A may cause birth defects; and high doses of Zinc can cause impaired immunity.

It is important that before you take any supplements, you talk to your health practitioner first. Ask them what they think, and what supplements they would recommend. A practitioner that does some sort of testing is the best option in finding out what your body needs. Taking supplements blindly does not provide the maximum possible benefit. 

If you have to research some more, then do so. It would be wise to ask around or check for reviews. Lastly, if you have to consider your lifestyle before taking any supplements, then do so. You may want to consider improving your diet and beginning an exercise regime to achieve optimum health.

Dr. Louis Granirer
NYC Chiropractor
Holistic Chiropractic Center

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